Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Scrapbook

Having toured the country, been featured in dozens of magazines, and appeared on national TV shows, it’s a wonder the Bindlestiff’s heads don’t get too big for their wigs. Presented here are the virtual memories of productions past (some to rise again!), images of acts of daring, and events of certain historical significance!


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photo credit Gregory Costanzo

photo credit Gregory Costanzo


Keith swallows coathanger on JayLeno Tonight Show2

Keith Swallows coat hanger for Jay Leno

Bindle14 ms0137

Kinko the Clown Photo © Maike Schulz

familyphoto by ian b_w
BFC w KCT at State by Camila_4432

Bindlestiff with King Charles Troupe



Bindlestiff in the 90’s photo © Carl Saliter