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The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus wishes to recognize and thank the following
for helping us keep the variety arts alive.

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Public Supporters
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts
Materials for the Arts
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Chatham Courier
Stewarts Shops
Columbia County Tourism

Corporate Matching Donors
JP Morgan

Foundation Support
Dyson Foundation
FJC Gift Certificate Fund
Network for Good
Stewart’s Shops Foundation
The Morris and Helen Messing Foundation
Bongar Biz
Purple Passion
William Kirk
Al and Ingrid Gori
SmartyPants World
Durst Organization
Cindy Marvell
Gregory Costanzo
Mommy Poppins
James and Kate Mundie
Katherine Valentine
Steven Tiger & Gaye Hoffman
Jeanette Stein
Christina Bauer
Dennis Cole
Barbara Karger and Michael Preston
Michael McGuigan
Paul Szauter
Malia Walsh
Jay Schiff
Jenifer Marrus
Rod Kimball
American Museum of Vaudeville Inc
RTC Productions, LLC
Melissa Aston
John Highkin
Joel Jeske
Renee Philippi
Playful Productions
John Huntington
Mary Ann Hansen
Elizabeth Stubbs
Skilly Circus
Adam Rinn
Marie Roberts
Hilary ChaplainSamuel Lett
Christopher Agostino
James Shirey
Sylvester Schneider
Victor Brisbin
Paul Fryd and Viviana Simon
Kenwyn Dapo
Sabrina Chapadjiev
Wayne Keyser & Barbaratheweaver
Caroline Weiss
M Miller
Mike Evans
Joseph Keady
Andrea Damian
Charles Blizzard
Zoe Brookes
Elizabeth Kanaga
Constance Rinaldo
The Twisted Balloon Company, LLC
Rebecca Snook
Robin Hu
fred kahl
Strongtree Organic Coffee Roasters
Suzi Winson
Amy Chen
Cheryl L Schruefer
Lisa Durfee
Joseph Keady
Steven Katten
Johnray Fuller
Elizabeth Kanaga
Ellia Bisker
Jordan Zinovich and Adele Haft
William Kirk
Steven Katten
Lorraine Perlman
Richard and Sue Nelson
Paul Gutheil  in memory of Diane Gutheil
Amy Lindsey
Michael and Penny Novack
Wayne and Donna Scheiner
Peter L Wilson
Ellen Volpe Corso
Ernest and Pearl Albrecht
Keith Gagne
Maxine House
Bert Fontana
Nancy Armstrong
Orlie Kraus and Jon Cramer
Christopher Madden
John Sutton
Website Service Donors
XMission.com – Hosting
Laughing Squid – Hosting
Special Thanks
The Autonomedia Collective, Hovey Burgess, Carmine Street Juggling Club, all the folks at chashama and all of its people, Mike Connor, Bongar Entertainment, Anita Durst, The Fleming-Jones Family, Viveca Gardiner, Coney Island USA, Lorraine Monseu, The Nelson Family, Maike Schulz, John Doe Books, Howie Seligman, Trav S.D., Jordan Zinovich and Adele Haft, WGXC Radio, and Musica.