From the Gutter To the Glitter

From the Gutter To the Glitter:
A Night Out with the Bindlestiffs
A Bindlestiff Variety Arts, Inc. Production

This 90-minute stage production presents a look into the history of America’s illegitamate theater traditions: circus, sideshow, vaudeville, burlesque, medicine shows, casino shows, and television game shows. Philomena Bindlestiff performs a poetic piece on the trapeze, sings songs from by-gone stages and presents her legendary target bull whip act. Mr. Pennygaff will dazzle with his top throwing demonstration and amaze with his sword-swallowing abilities.

Together they will leave you speechless after witnessing their fire-eating spectacle or their interpretation of orificular love poetry.

From the Gutter to the Glitter features the live musical accompaniment of Peter Bufano (piano and accordion) and Kaethe Hostetter (fiddles).

A Bindlestiff Vairety Arts, Inc. Production
From the Gutter To the Glitter: A Night Out with the Bindlestiffs

Produced by Keith Nelson and Stephanie Monseu
Written and Conceived by: Keith Nelson, Stephanie Monseu and Peter Bufano
Directed by: Barbara Karger and Michael Preston
Music Composition: Peter Bufano
Cast: Keith Nelson, Stephanie Monseu, Peter Bufano, and Käthe Hostetter
Orkestra: Peter Bufano (accordion and piano) and Käthe Hostetter (fiddles)
Publicist: Karen Greco
Sound and Lighting Design: Kris Anton
Photos by: Maike Schulz
Poster Design: Greg Stadnyk

Special thanks to
Legion Arts and New York City Department of Cultural Affairs for making this production possible.