Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Gender Bender Jamboree

Originally presented at the “Off-Off Broadway” Present Company Theatorium in 2002, Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Gender Bender Jamboree was a big hit, running for two months before moving to the Off-Broadway Mazer Theater. This two-hour show is a thrilling mash-up of musical theater, sideshow oddities, and the raucous Wild West – all delivered with Bindlestiff’s inimitable, colorful style.

This comedic spectacle takes the audience to the lawless streets of Pantaloon Junction, home of Buckaroo Bindlestiff, The Hurdy Gurdy Saloon – and the “Wildest variety show west of the Atlantic!”

Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Gender Bender Jamboree features:

  • Kinko the Clown’s Pioneering Preshow
  • The Lunar Lyre of the Fabulous Miss Una
  • The Syncopated Boleros
    of the Outlaw Gaucho Gang
  • A Public Hanging – Set to Song!
  • The Ropin’ Party Hoedown
  • The song of the Calico Queens
    of the Hurdy Gurdy Saloon
  • Planet Banana, the sexiest juggling duo in the west
  • The Trick Roping of A.J. Silver,
    cowboy from the Boogie-Down Bronx
  • A Spectacular Shootout!

Meanwhile, on Hell’s Half Acre:

  • Sheriff Matlock brings a badge to a lawless town
  • Magic Brian maeks his escape
  • Madame Philly whips her way into town
  • Cowboy Clark rides a bucking unicycle
  • Doctor Frangile offers “Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s
    Jackalope Jerky”
  • Kinkette, heroine of a thousand thrilling adventures, gives a gun safety lecture
  • Kalki skirts the issue of hoops and bustles
  • The Fabulous Miss Una performs aerial artistry
    on the corde lisse
  • Gentleman Jack Pennygaff swallows
    swords and sabres.

Bindlestiff Family Circus ISO: a deep-pocketed visionary (or keen theatre producer!) for further development of this exciting production!

A Bindlestiff Vairety Arts, Inc. Production
Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Gender Bender Jamboree

Original Story Concept: Keith Nelson, Stephanie Monseu & Una Mimnagh
Story Development: The BFC Troupe
Director: Stephanie Monseu
Original Cast: Philomena, Kinko the Clown, Michelle Matlock, Angelo Iodice, Kalki Henenberg, Dr. Frangible,
Silvia Machete, Una Mimnagh, Magic Brian, Clark MacFarlane, Gentleman Jack Pennygaff, and Kinkette.
Band: Corn Mo, Tim Hoey, and Todd Deatherage
Roustabouts: Raja Azar and Matt Osiol
Production Director: Stuart Levy
Set Design: Stuart Levy
Sound Design/Operator: Kris Anton
Lighting Design: Una Mimnagh
Music Composition: Corn Mo
Set Construction: Tim Hoey, Matt Osiolis, Joe Tuba, Raja Azar, Lorraine Monseu & Stuart Levy
Curtain Painter: Lorraine Monseu
Publicist: Keith Nelson
Artistic/Historic Consultants: Hovey Burgess and Andy Davis
Photos: Maike Schulz
Poster Design: Ashleigh Talbot
Special thanks to New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and Material for the Arts
for making this production possible.
Thanks also to the Wild West Arts Club, Tombstone, Arizona, Dusty Webb, and the entire state of Wyoming.