The Media Celebrates the Bindlestiffs

What the Media has to say about Bindlestiff…

Imaginative…delightfully clever…the show exudes … warmth and affection…all but irresistible.

Spectacle Magazine, June 2016

It’s fantastic. There are certain things that make New York City so incredibly special. And this is one of them.

New York Times, February 1, 1998

article by Kim Palchikoff


The Bindlestiffs are responsible for spawing the whole neo-vaudeville, independent circus performer trend evident…throughout Williamsburg and lower Manhattan

Village Voice, September 3-9, 1997

article by Frank Owen


The Other Greatest Show on Earth!

Troy Register, July, 2006


This was not any circus I had seen before. It was the circus I had been waiting for.

—Johnson State College’s Basement Medicine, 29 November, 2007

article by Hillary Hayward


Keith Nelson and Stephanie Monseu—the founders of the Bindlesiff Family Cirkus, a troupe of clowns, magicians, acrobats, burlesque danders and sideshow acts—brought vaudeville back to Times Square…the first continuous vaudeville venue in the area in 70 years.

—Time Out: New York, August 8-15, 2002

article by Raven Snook



For the first time in 70 years, there is a continuous vaudeville show in Times Square, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. It’s old-fashioned variety entertainment of the sort Ed Sullivan so astutely scooped up, but with twists.

—”Old-Time Vaudeville Looks Young Again”

New York Times, November 24, 2002

article by Douglas Martin



A Bindlestiff Family Cirkus performance is not a normal night out at the theater.

—City Paper, Nashville, TN, June 20, 2006

article by Alexa Hinton


A decade ago, there were loft parties and shows by the fledgling Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, a neo–vaudeville troupe that now has a national following, but that was about it, Now…there are more than a dozen spaces devoted to theatrical work…

—from an article about Williamsburg, Brooklyn

New York Times, February 6, 2005

article by Ada Calhoun



“if you crave to share with your children the circus as you remember it, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is the right address.”

TimeOut New York: Kids, July 2012


“this troupe of circus artists…will remind your family what the circus is really about.”

TimeOut New York: Kids, July 2012


“This was not any circus I had seen before. It was the circus I had been waiting for.”

Hillary Hayward, Johnson State College’s Basement Medicine, 11/29/07



What fans and performers have to say about Bindlestiff…


Your willingness to share your work with the public helps us connect people from all walks of life with ideas and contemporary cultural currents…stimulating and nourishing minds, while delighting and refreshing imaginations.

Jay Kaplan, Director, Programs Department, Brooklyn Public Library

March 21, 2006


We appreciate what Keith and Stephanie Bindlestiff have done for the city of NY and for keeping alive the art of circus side shows.

Letter from T.J. Lein and Rose DePirri, circus fans

January 15, 2003


The Bindlestiffs honor the rich heritage of Circus Arts, one of our most valuable cultural treasures.

Letter from Peter Bufano, musician and clown

August 10, 2004


I’ve been down with those guys for years. they are amazing.

Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls  July 24, 2007


Their [Bindlestiffs] continual effort to creating new theater and preserving the old art form of Vaudeville is something I applaud and will continue to support with my time and artistic talents.

Letter from Robert Torres, physical comedian

July 29, 2004


Seeing the Bindlestiff’s from the audience I was inspired by their ability to create a rich, imaginary space that invites you in, and throws you out; satisfied, but wanting more. Thay have an edgy blend of carnaval humor, theatricality, and politics sets them apart from other circus acts. Their skill and charisma is what ranks them among the best.

Letter from Harvest King, trapeze artist

August 12, 2004


A wonderful show, I can see how it might motivate one to run off and join the circus. 

Email from Rick Wasserman, Celticsmith

July 11, 2007


My family really enjoyed your show.  Thank you for not letting my husband run away with you.  

Email from Cathy McCaughan


The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus was a big hit (judging from your squealing fans) and people of all ages were fixated on what you were doing. I was definitely impressed.

Letter from Jason Glasser, P.S. 1 MoMA


The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus was successful beyond our expectations. The show is outrageous, wildly funny and monumentally entertaining. I recommend them to any theatre that wants to give their audience an enormous gift.

Letter from Annie Dorsen, Artistic Director, Yale Cabaret

January 14, 1998


The Cirkus was definitely one of the most popular acts of the whole event…I could see that the kids were loving it. 

— Jackie Marchand, First Night Coordinator Saratoga Arts


I can’t imagine a life without Bindlestiff. 

—Josh Bisker