Circus Skill Workshops

IMG_1304 Circus Skill Classes and Workshops

Bindlestiff offers a number of hands-on Cirkus adventures: Intro to Circus for youth and adults; Week-long  program;  Camp Programs; In-School Residencies, Assembly Programs, Corporate Retreats, etc.

Our mission:

To provide professional, safe, and transformative hands-on circus experiences for youth and adults, allowing for maximum participation and enjoyment by participants.

Our method:


Intro to Circus Workshop

Hands-on, guided introduction allows participants to sample a variety of circus and juggling skills. This two to four hour workshop allows participants to try a number of different circus skills, and can be presented as a family activity, or for any age group. Adaptive equipment and techniques allow participation for most, regardless of developmental or physical ability.

Week-long programIMG_8177

Students learn  juggling and manipulative skills with a variety of circus props; tumbling and partner acrobatics, and where possible, introduction to aerial arts like trapeze or silks. The arc of the week allows for open exploration and then focus and concentration on favorite skills, as well as the creation of solo and group acts to be presented in a performance. Sessions consist of a physical conditioning component, theater games, and circus and juggling skill building.

wire in the parkAll workshops build toward a final public show, which can be open to family, teachers, and other students. Each child will have an active role in the show.

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