Cavalcade of Youth

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Cavalcade of Youth

Since 2004

Partner:  Playful Productions

Our mission:

Bindlestiff’s Cavalcade of Youth assists youth in the development of performance skills, self-confidence, and goal setting. From beginners to working professionals, from newcomers to multi-generation circus families, Bindlestiff’s Cavalcade of Youth represents the future face of the variety arts.

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Our method:

Bindlestiff’s Cavalcade of Youth is a professional showcase for youth under the age of 21, allowing emerging artists to experience all the facets of professional performance. Produced twice yearly, the typical Cavalcade of Youth show day starts with a tech rehearsal and directorial notes and mentorship for each act, offered by Bindlestiff’s professional circus artists and coaches. Within a few hours, a full-scale show is created and presented to the public on a professional stage. Bindlestiff’s Cavalcade of Youth partners with other youth programs to search out participants and to build its audience base. We’ve welcomed performers and technical assistants from the Big Apple Circus’s Beyond the Ring program, Circus Smirkus (a Vermont-based youth circus and camp), Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque du Monde program at The Point in the Bronx, Acting Creatively (a young theater performer’s program), Stone Soup Circus, and participants in Bindlestiff’s own educational programs in New York City and the Hudson Valley. The Cavalcade of Youth has showcased award-winning young performers from the International Jugglers’ Association, the Society of American Magicians, and the Wild West Arts Club.



The outcomes:

The Cavalcade of Youth provides youth with a hands-on approach to theater and the entertainment industry. Performing on stage is a confidence builder, regardless of a child’s future plans. Meeting other youth from diverse backgrounds with this common interest is inspiring and has resulted in creative collaboration and new friendships. The opportunity to work with professional artists allows youth to realize that a career in the arts is a viable option.

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