Dr. Seuss at Midnight!

MARCH 4th – 10pm-1am
Dr. Seuss at Midnight!
Don’t miss it…The Roger Smith Hotel penthouse suite…Hilary Chaplain, Mik Kuhlman, Peter Daniel Straus, Mark Ettinger and Zero Boy. What fun!!!
It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday in March. So we’ve put our heads together and are concocting an evening of delight. When you consider an open bar from 10pm to Midnight plus nibbles AND a reading all included in the price, it makes quite the evening…come to the penthouse and hear a reading of Dr. Seuss like you never have or will again.
Limited tickets sold. It’s a living room after all…
$40 per person (remember, that’s for an open bar and hors d’oeuvres!)
Click here for Tickets: Dr. Seuss at Midnight
dr. seuss

American Youth Circus Organization recognizes 17 Social Circus programs

American Youth Circus Organization recognizes 17 Social Circus programs that boost outcomes for youth at risk

February 19, 2016

Across the country, teachers, coaches and social workers are harnessing the power of circus arts to help at­ risk youth. Today, through a joint project with Cirque du Soleil, 17 Social Circus programs are receiving a major boost as the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) announces a network of recognized programs.

As Melvin Diggs, graduate of the St Louis, MO program, Circus Harmony, says: “​Circus didn’t change my life. It saved my life.”​ Diggs grew up expecting to join a gang, deal in drugs and face a life of violence. Instead, he found somewhere to belong, to be challenged, and to excel. Today, he tours the world performing circus arts.

Only a handful of youth who join Social Circus programs actually become performers. But they all develop a sense of empowerment, tenacity and confidence that helps them find a positive path and overcome barriers in their lives.

“T​his network will help Social Circuses achieve the next level of impact,”​says AYCO Executive Director, Amy Cohen. “T​he network will encourage program innovation, increased understanding of the impact of circus arts programming and an opportunity for funders to connect with multiple organizations across the country.”​

Each of the programs meets the needs of a specific at­ risk population. Some work with children who have suffered violence, others work in isolated or very low­ income communities, others serve recently settled refugees. Some, like Prescott Circus Theatre, focus on elementary school aged children, while Trenton Circus Squad builds circus “squads” from a diverse group of teens. Each recognized program is carefully designed to meet the needs of participants, and demonstrates a commitment to measuring outcomes.

Social Circus is the application of the art and culture of the circus to help address social issues such as social isolation, impact of trauma, violence in communities and/or lack of access to arts and cultural activity. In St. Louis and Ferguson, MO, Circus Harmony helps heal the rift between racial groups by bringing youth together to create human pyramids. In Portland, OR, homeless youth have found a positive path forward through engagement in demanding circus training with the Circus Project.

“S​ocial circus promotes creative youth and community development beyond what can be achieved through other sports and arts activities,”​explains Cohen, drawing attention to her organization’s findings from a recent initiative, funded by Cirque du Soleil.

AYCO’s Social Circus Initiative highlights four benefits of social circus demonstrated by network members. Their recent meta­study of sector research concludes that social circus:

  • Promotes physical and mental health and wellness
  • Fosters human connection and belonging
  • Encourages civic engagement and cultural and socioeconomic integration
  • Builds resilience

The Social Circus Network will promote collective action among its members, including further research into the potential for circus programming to move the needle on key outcomes, such as the ability to survive childhood trauma, improvements in high school graduation rates and teens’ ability to make positive choices for their own lives.

The Network will also provide advice and training for Social Circus programs and engage with funders on a national scale to grow existing programs and launch new programs in urban centers where no program exists. Anik Couture, Head of Community Relations for Cirque du Soleil, says “We are delighted to have been able to support this initiative financially and as advisors. Cirque du Soleil supports the growth of Social Circus around the world with great effect and we are excited to see this work take hold in the USA”.

The programs receiving recognition at the launch of the network are:

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus After School Program, Hudson, NY (contact Stephanie Monseu Tel: (7​18) 963­-2918) ​w​ww.bindlestiff.org/education/cirkus­after­school/

CircEsteem, Chicago, IL (contact Main Office Tel: (773) 732­-4564) www.CircEsteem.org

Circus Harmony, St Louis, MO (contact Jessica Hentoff Tel: (3​14) 436­7676)​ www.circusharmony.org

Circus of Hope, Austin, TX (contact Jay Gibson Tel: (5​12) 906­-6036)​ www.circusofhope.org

Circus Mojo / Institute of Social Circus and Vocational Training Center, Ludlow, KY (contactPaul Miller Tel: (8​00) 381-­TADA)​ www.circusmojo.com

Circus Smirkus Ringmaster Residencies, Greensboro, VT (contact Ed LeClair Tel: (8​02) 533­-7443)​ w​ww.smirkus.org

Circo Social Puerto/Educare, Doraville Dorado, Puerto Rico (contact Glorimar Sierra (​787) 678­-7103) w​ww.educarepr.com

Fern Street Circus, San Diego CA (contact John Highkin Tel: (6​19) 320­2055)​ www.fernstreetcircus.com

International School of Louisiana Circus Arts Program, New Orleans, LA (contact Meret Ryhiner Tel: (2​28) 342­-3938) www.​i​sl­edu.org

My Nose Turns Red, Cincinnati, OH (contact Steve Roenker Tel: (8​59) 581-­7100)​ www.mynoseturnsred.org

Prescott Circus Theatre, Oakland, CA (contact David Hunt Tel: (5​10) 967-­0355)​ www.prescottcircus.org

Salida Circus Outreach Foundation, Salida, CO (contact Jenn Dempsey Tel: (7​19) 427­-9232)​ www.socialcircuscolorado.org

School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts Social Circus Program, Seattle, WA (contact Ian Jagel (206) 856-­8797)​ www.Sancaseattle.org

The Circus Project, Portland, OR (contact Jenn Cohen Tel: (5​03) 764­9174)​ www.thecircusproject.org

Trenton Circus Squad, Trenton, NJ (contact Zoe Brookes Tel: (203) 804­1044) www.Trentoncircussquad.org

Wise Fool, Albuquerque, NM (contact Amy Christian Tel: (5​05) 992­2588)​ www.wisefoolnewmexico.org

Zip Zap USA, Washington, DC (contact Jonathan Deull Tel: (​202) 657­5947)​ www.zipzapcircususa.org

The American Youth Circus Organization promotes the participation of youth in circus arts and supports circus educators. Founded in 1998, AYCO supplies the organizing force for youth circus in the USA, and for circus educators through its American Circus Educators branch. Visit www.americanyouthcircus.org and www.americancircuseducators.org.

Network details at www.americancircuseducators.org/social­circus­network/


Amy Cohen, Executive Director, American Youth Circus Organization amy@americanyouthcircus.org

(914) 441­-8834

Bindlestiff First of May Award

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is now accepting submissions for Bindlestiff First of May Award – $500 to $1,000 development grant for full-length variety arts production

Previous recipients include Clown Baggage by Matt Wilson, Unmasked, created and directed by Lady Aye and Mistress B and Solomon the Perplexer, created and written by Tanya Solomon and directed by Corn Mo, Justin Weber’s Yo-Yo and prop manipulation production, and Dandy Darkly’s Trigger Happy.

Submissions are now open to solo artists or troupes wishing to apply for this year’s award. For submission details, visit http://www.bindlestiff.org/firstofmay/

Old Hats

We love Bill Irwin and David Shiner’s collaborative work!

created and performed by BILL IRWIN and DAVID SHINER
music and lyrics and featuring SHAINA TAUB
directed by TINA LANDAU
After an extended, sold out run in 2013, the extraordinary clowns Bill Irwin (Sesame Street’s Mr. Noodle) and David Shiner (Cirque du Soleil) are back, in the Drama Desk and Lucille Lortel Award-winning Old Hats. Now featuring songstress and comic foil Shaina Taub, hailed as “young Judy Garland meets grown-up Lisa Simpson,”Old Hats combines songs, slapstick and general silliness for an unforgettable and hysterical outing.

NOW PLAYING! Extended Through April 3.
Tickets/Info (more…)

Aloft Circus Arts at CN:ICE this Saturday!

Our Chicago friends Aloft Circus Arts are presenting “Dinner of our Discontent” at CN:ICE at Skirball this Saturday, January 16th, alongside international circus companies Water on Mars (Sweden) and Barely Methodical Troupe (UK). Hosted by Sxip Shirey, tickets here:  http://nyuskirball.org/calendar/cn2016




Celebration of American Circus

January 5, 2016
Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center

Part ceremony, part performance, the Celebration of American Circus will honor four artists and organizations that have revolutionized the circus arts landscape in America, while spotlighting the thriving state of the circus arts across the nation. This year’s honorees include Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts Chairman of the Board Hovey Burgess.

Tickets:  http://circusnow.org/celebrate2016/

Hovey Burgess 75th Birthday Gala, September 8, 2015

A Night of Circus, Sideshow and Burlesque

Hovey Burgess (juggling legend, circus historian, NYU professore, chairman of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus board of directors…) is celebrating his 75th Birthday by creating a show that he wants to see. Join him for a night of entertainment on September 8, 2015 at Dixon Place.

For more info

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.05.41 PM

2015 Bindlestiff First of May Award Recipients

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus is excited to announce the winners
of the Bindlestiff First of May Award!

This year’s recipients are

Yo-yo artist Justin Weber
Dandy Darkly‘s Trigger Happy!

We look forward to seeing to work they create.
* * * * *
The First of May Award is an annual grant awarded in support of the development of new full-length variety arts productions in New York City.