Dody DiSanto – Performance Gym: building the poetic body

Performance Gym: building the poetic body
March 27 – May 1   
6 sessions 
Tuesday Nights 7-10pm
Instructor: Dody DiSanto
Tuition: $275   Deposit: $75 due with Registration
Sharpen your tools for expanding the relationship between text, movement, substance, form, play and complicity.
This course aims to promote a greater understanding of potential embodiment and playfulness by harnessing both active observation and experience in connection with performance.
Expressiveness involves: sense experience, empirical observation and living perception.
Engaging the behavior of substances and objects as source-material, we will give body and movement to them, toward dynamic interpretation. Through recognition, these rhythms, spaces, forces and static objects can all be set in play. Here we are working with something Lecoq expressed as “the universal poetic sense, or the essence of life”.
All manner of concoction, messiness, increase, breakdown, consternation, digging, breakthrough, examination and assembly, to be expected!
This approach supports the notion that theater is to be invented
This course is open to individuals of all levels.


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